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After 10 years of chronic pain that has inhabited every aspect of my daily life, I had given up the idea that I would ever truly be in remission from that pain. I had given up many things I loved to do, and struggled to maintain the active lifestyle I had embraced before my symptoms began. I had gone from being a competitive marathoner to someone that couldn’t sit in a chair for more than 30 minutes without experiencing excruciating pain. In that period I’ve seen many competent, highly respected doctors in many different specialties. Every single one of them misdiagnosed my injury. I had even had surgery to no avail. Good doctors make mistakes. Dr. Canty is more than a good doctor. He is exceptional. As a medical student, I’m surrounded by doctors on a daily basis, and I can tell you that Dr. Canty is special. His staff is extremely professional and every aspect of my interaction with his office exceeded my expectations.

Chris B.

- (verified Yelp user)

A cutting edge, outside of box doctor that gets results. ”4/4 Stars”
For anyone that needs a great back doctor or pain management specialist, I can’t stress how much Tim Canty has helped me, including a diagnosis on my facet joints (which proved true) that no other doctor had considered previously. He provided great non-surgical relief via facet joint injections and a plan for a longer term non-surgical solution on it.

Dave S.

- (

I would recommend him to anyone who required the same assistance. Ive been suffering for months. He was determined to get the ball rolling to releave my pain. Easy to talk too, answered all my questions. Cant ask for much more

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Dr. Canty is amazing! I have had chronic back pain & numbness due to a car accident in 2007. I have exhausted every option including surgery. Dr. Canty administered an epidural injection and the same day I was already feeling relief! Dr. Canty is like no other doctor, he is caring, patient, and thorough. He truly cares about his patients and how they are feeling.I called on a Friday night, and Dr. Canty IMMEDIETELY got back to me himself and took care of what I needed! If you are experiencing any kind of pain, Dr. Canty is who you need to see!!

Jackie C.

Superlative bit of work. I had a prior epidural that did absolutely nothing to relieve my severe back pain. Then I had another epidural administered by Dr. Canty. I awakened the next morning for the first time since I can remember and the pain had almost totally subsided. It was amazing that prior to this epidural it would take almost 2 hours before I could leave my apartment. Very well done, thanks Dr. Canty.

John P

Dr. Canty was very friendly in explaining everything about what I needed to do and the steps he would like to take for the next visit. Made me feel very comfortable in talking to him about my lower back pain.

Stacie O.

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I want to thank Dr Tim Canty and his staff for all the help I got from them, They have make a big diffreance in my life, I use to be in so much knee pain but since I went to Dr Canty my life has changr for the better, He is a great guy, All doctors should be like him, Thank God for him , I am asking a blessing for him and his staff to keep on the good work, thank again. Lenore.

Lenore L.

The role model for all private practice Doctors. Highly recommend. Beautiful clean office, professional staff, awesome Doctor!

Michael G.

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First class medicine.

Jeffrey G.

- (Verified Zocdoc patient)

Excellent doctor. Really listened to me and provided options to relieve my chronic back pain.

Linda L.

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Honestly, the best experience I’ve had at a Dr in a long time… Saw me right away and was able to have an epidural for my back in minutes (on the first visit)… HIGHLY recommend

Clark C.

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Professional, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy. He is top notch in his field. I highly recommend him. He goes above and beyond your expectations. His talent is superb A+++. He should receive an A.M.A award in excellence.

Michael G.

- (Verified ZocDoc User)

Dr. T. Canty,
A short note about Dr. T. Canty. Respectful, caring, understands you and listens to you. I’m so lucky to have found a doctor like him.


This guy’s amazing – perhaps the best doctor I’ve ever been to in any specialty. He’s thoughtful, caring, not to mention cured my back pain with one artfully-placed injection. My PCP had been futzing around for months with lame pills of all kinds that never worked. Top notch physician.


- (verified Yelp user)

Dear Dr. Canty,
Where do I begin? I just had to write to tell you how much I appreciate your help with my ailments. I know that I am going to really miss you (already do). I went last Tues. for my first visit with Dr. Cameron G. He seems to be quite a quiet man. He listened to me and then we went in for a procedure. He stated that he was going to try something different. I believe he mentioned that you were going for the nerves. He was going for the joints. And if this didn’t help he would try “burning” some pads?? I go back on Thu 27th of January and there is no need to stop my flank or aspirin.

I have felt so good all week, with 10 inches of snow, etc. I went outside for the first time in for-5 years and I “swept and shoveled some snow”. I couldn’t believe it, I still feel good. I believe that he gave me a cortizone shot?

We spoke about you and he felt that you were a good young man and that you should venture out wile you are young, etc. He thought you would better yourself medically, I do hope that this is a great opportunity for you and I wish you the best both professionally and personal. I loved you as a son and want the best that life has to offer for you. (I lost 2 sons, one was 38 and paralyzed from his waist down, motorcycle accident 10 years. I took care of him and the other was a twin.


Dear Dr. Canty,
I wanted to write you a thank you for giving me relief of my sciatica pain. I had this pain for so long and you were the only practitioner to give me relief.

Your expertise, competence and professionalism is greatly appreciated by me.

I will never be able to thank you enough. I am so grateful to have found you!



I know I have said “thank you” to you & your staff many times. However, I wanted to express how deep of a gratitude I have for you, your work, & your true kindness w/ me during this whole process.


My experience with Dr. Canty was excellent. I have literally seen dozens of “top notch” doctors for my chronic pain and I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Canty was by far the best doctor I’ve seen yet. He listened to everything I had to say and gave great, straight-forward medical advice. He also didn’t waste any time whatsoever – meaning, he didn’t schedule me to have more tests (MRIs, etc.) done and come back to see him; rather, he went right to work and helped me immediately. Also, great staff – very friendly and knowledgable nurses, etc.

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- (name withheld for privacy)

very nice man! very happy with him

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- (name withheld for privacy)

I was seen by a receptionist as soon as I arrived for pre-exam information and saw the doctor within minutes after that was completed. Dr. Canty was friendly, accessible, clear in his explanations and willing to hear and answer my questions.I never felt rushed.

Norma R.

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